Maintenance Tips for Tyres

Tyres serve as integral components that ensure better handling, optimum riding comfort and great overall performance. They remain as a connective link between the road and the car. Keeping the tyre in good condition is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. It can be very dangerous to drive a car with non-roadworthy tyres. Prevention is always better than cure. Following maintenance tips is more reliable than purchasing new tyres in Gold Coast. There are many factors that one should consider for optimum tyre maintenance.

Tyres are not cheap even if you are purchasing second hand tyres in Gold Coast, as one needs to spend a handsome amount. Therefore, it is always worthy to take proper care to avoid replacement after short intervals. Here are five tyre maintenance tips that will help in offering you a safe and confident drive.

1.     Tyre rotation: Tyres are often moved from one position to another to ensure wear and tear. Generally, the front tyres are bearing more weight and are more prone to wear and tear in comparison to the rear ones. Rotation of tyres after a specific interval of time is quite helpful in extending the life of the tyres. According to the car experts, tyres should be rotated after every 8000 to 10000 kilometers.

2.     Tyre pressure: Well, tyre or air pressure is basically the amount of air that is present in the tyre of the car. On an average, a tyre loses two pounds of air every month. Inaccurate amount of air pressure can affect the traction and significantly lowers the ride comfort. It may cause overheating of the tyre that ultimately results in tread separation. Tyre pressure largely depends on the temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to check the tyre pressure during winters using the air gauge.

3.     Tyre tread depth: Tyre tread is crucial as it helps in removing water between the road and the tyre. It ensures the car remains under control. Tyres do wear out over time. It is recommended to replace the tyre if the tyre tread depth is 1.6 meters. These days, tyres come with wear indicators that are present at the base of tread grooves.

4.     Wheel alignment: Wheel alignment is the method that prevents irregular tyre wear. It plays a vital role in improving the vehicle handling on the road. It places a vital role in balancing the wheel and the tyre.  It also protects the suspension and prevents premature wearing of tyres. It involves all proper procedures involved to disassemble, repair and re assemble the tyre.

5.     Repair and replacement: It is advisable to go to a mechanic to get the tyre checked especially when the person is doubtful about the worthiness of the tyres. Specialists know well how to check the condition of the tyre both internally and externally.

The above are some effective methods that every vehicle owner should consider for increasing the life of the tyre and improving its overall performance. Even if a replacement is mandatory, it is always recommended to purchase tyres in Gold Coast only from a trusted brand.