Exercise Your Right and Get an Accident Replacement Car

Having your car in the shop for repairs is very inconvenient. It’s not uncommon, unfortunately, to bring a vehicle to a repair shop because of a fender bender. Consider it more frustrating to have your car there because of something far worse that isn’t even your fault. Accident replacement cars’ existence, while the owner’s car is getting repaired, is something many aren’t aware they’re legally entitled to. Having no car while your vehicle is in the repair shop isn’t a problem anymore.

accident replacement cars

Managing to get uninjured in an accident is a blessing. If the mishap got caused by another party, then you’re lucky because the Australian court established that innocent drivers recover replacement vehicle costs, because these are natural results of a car accident, while their smashed up vehicle is getting repaired.

The service accident replacement cars by car rental companies is fairly new. However, it’s definitely a growing industry. A replacement car restores everyone’s life! No need to avail of public transportation. Not only can you still conveniently travel to work, but family and fun time around town need not take a backseat.

What to Do After a No Fault Car Accident

The police at the accident scene takes care of the report and they figure out whose fault the accident is. Always get a Driver Exchange of Information Form or a copy of the police report. The following information needs to be on that report:

  • The other party’s driver’s name, contact number, address, driver’s license number
  • The registration number or plate number, make, model and year of the car
  • If the other party’s driver isn’t the owner of the vehicle, you have to get the vehicle owner’s name coupled with his or her contact number, address, name of the owner’s insurance company and policy number plus contact number of the insurance claims department
  • Make sure the other driver also has your information
  • Before you take your vehicle for a repair, the insurance adjuster should have authorized a repair already. Be sure they accepted liability. Get a written authorization.This also paves the way for a free replacement vehicle.
  • Get in touch with Not at Fault, the specialists in accident replacement cars Brookvale has available for innocent drivers, for the best accident replacement cars.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Put down the details of the at fault party, specially his or her claim number. This information covers the cost of your replacement car under the “credit hire” basis. This will save you hundreds of dollars in car rental service.
  • Have a copy of your registration and insurance.
  • Have your driver’s license.
  • Schedule the use of your replacement car.

Expect a replacement car at once, from this reputable company, the moment you get done with the application. Brookvale accident replacement cars get delivered to the repair shop at the same time you are leaving your smashed up car. You have the substitute vehicle free to use until your car gets fixed.

Accident replacement cars are always free for the not at fault driver. Take advantage of this. For more details visit http://www.notatfault.com.au/.